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UseBB 1 help and support
Frequently asked questions and Support forum.
Requesting features
UseBB 1 development has closed and thus is not open to requests. No further major versions are currently developed or planned.
Reporting bugs
Issue tracker at GitHub.
Reporting security issues
E-mail security @
(Please do not disclose unpatched issues publicly.)
Custom development, paid support
Currently, no custom development or paid support is offered by the UseBB project or UseBB's developers.
Non Open Source licenses, selling
The UseBB project does not provide custom licenses and does not sell rights to source code.
Advertising, sponsoring
We are currently not interested in advertising and/or sponsoring.
Contents on third party forums
Please see the disclaimer regarding contents on third party forums.
Various other questions/discussions
See the various forums at the discussion board.

To post in the forums, please register an account via the Register link in the forum's menu, activate your account and log in.

Contact Us

For issues and questions not listed or covered above, please send an e-mail to:

contact @

We try to answer all emails within a reasonable amount of time.

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