Call for 2.0 ideas and suggestions

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 01/22/2006 - 19:24
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This is a call for feedback and ideas for the soon to be developed 2.0 version of UseBB. If you don't know UseBB 2 and the future plans yet, please see node/409.

Some time ago there have been a big number of ideas and discussion on the new version, but recently a more concrete list of new items was posted to the forums. The short list and description can be found here: comment/1950#comment-1950. Aditionally, a major feature request about a tag based system was posted a few days ago, see node/462.

Should you have any ideas, remarks, suggestions, critiques, etc. you are welcome to post them in the right topic or the 2.0 Feature Requests forum which can be found at

Thank you for your interest and help.