CVS services changes

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 05/22/2006 - 15:11
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Recently, our file/CVS host migrated their CVS services to new hardware/software. This change has its effect on the way CVS can be accessed for our project. Details follow below.

Anonymous CVS access: the anoncvs host name changed from to If you download CVS sources with the original CVS client or graphical clients such as TortoiseCVS, please update it.
Web interface: the web interface using ViewCVS has been replaced by a new and always updated ViewVC powered web interface. It can be accessed at

Other CVS services (our CVS tarballs and mailing list) remain untouched and working. For more info about CVS, see our CVS info page: Please note, this information only applies to UseBB 1. UseBB 2 will be available on Subversion instead of CVS.